Distribution Management
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    For nearly two decades, Manhattan Associates has concentrated exclusively on helping companies streamline their supply chains to achieve lower costs, higher profits and happier customers. Virtually all of our 2,000 employees focus on supply chain optimization. They work directly to bring value to our 1,200 customers worldwide through research and development, training, implementation and ongoing support.

    Billing Management - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Billing Management is a flexible, activity-based solution that enables you to manage billing information across all of your facilities.

    Distribution Management - Solution Brochure
    Managing complexity to yield organized optimization

    Hub Management - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Hub Management provides webbased technology that gives you visibility into the receipts and shipments from your hubs and 3PLs. At the same time, it enables them to create standardized ASNs and labels, and provide receiving, cross-docking and load-building services.

    Labor Management - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Labor Management enables your warehouse to be more productive with the workforce it has, and find new ways to cut costs. By tracking associate time, estimating task duration and synchronizing the reporting of employee performance, you can reduce costs and expand profitability while improving morale.

    Labor Scheduling Brochure
    Manhattan's Labor Scheduling Optimization automates workforce planning and scheduling and is the only solution in the market that uses advanced optimization technology, enabling our customers to assess millions of variables and optimize based on the broadest set of constraints.

    RFID - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's RFID solutions help you achieve greater operational efficiency so you can reduce inventory costs and stock-outs, while better managing your overall supply chain-and complying with standards set by other trading partners.

    Slotting Optimization - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Slotting Optimization increases workforce efficiency, shortens order fulfillment cycles and maximizes throughput by determining the best pick line profile for your warehouse.

    Supplier Enablement - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Supplier Enablement enables you to more effectively manage your global supply chain by creating an online portal between you and your suppliers. With Supplier Enablement, you can automate real-time collaboration with partners anywhere and synchronize your business processes with any supplier with a web browser.

    Warehouse Management - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Warehouse Management solution provides a competitive advantage by analyzing your facility layout and the productivity of your workforce. By speeding the flow of goods and information, it enables flawless execution of all warehouse operations.

    Inventory Optimization
    Inventory Optimization - Solution Brochure
    Harmonizing investment with demand in your multi-echelon network to drive profitability

    Replenishment - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Replenishment accurately predicts inventory needs and rapidly adapts to changing demand patterns across the entire distribution network. You can achieve increased fill rates and elevated customer service while reducing investment in inventory.

    Vendor Managed Inventory - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Vendor Managed Inventory provides access to inventory data to your suppliers, enabling them to manage product shipments and improve in-stock performance. This replenishment solution allows trading partners to work together more effectively to optimize inventory levels.

    Manhattan Scale
    Manhattan SCALE Solution Brochure
    Manhattan SCALETM: Supply Chain Architected for Logistics Execution is a perfect blend of features, function and technology for organizations looking to affordably solve their supply chain execution challenges.

    Order Life Cycle Management
    Distributed Order Management - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Distributed Order Management makes it easy to find and maintain a profitable balance between supply and demand, even in a rapidly changing, multichannel environment.

    Order Lifecycle Management - Solution Brochure
    Dynamically linking network inventory with demand to balance service and cost

    Reverse Logistics Management - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Reverse Logistics Management automates returns across multiple channels to ensure you know what's coming back, from whom and why. With Reverse Logistics Management, you can significantly improve your costs, inventory levels, customer satisfaction and vendor relationships.

    Store Commerce Activation - Module Brochure
    Manhattan's Store Commerce Activation allows you to transform the retail store from an end-point to a fully functional "node" in the supply chain.

    Supply Chain Process Platform
    Supply Chain Process Platform Brochure
    As the foundation for Manhattan SCOPE,® Manhattan's Supply Chain Process Platform unifies supply chain solutions from planning through execution to deliver Whole Chain Awareness.TM The result is unprecedented supply chain insight and control to manage decisions and operations across departments, channels and ecosystems.

    X Suite Solutions
    Extended Enterprise Management - Module Brochure
    Extended Enterprise Management provides real-time visibility and trading partner collaboration to ensure goods flow dynamically through optimal channels on time to customers. This supply chain synchronization creates tremendous and often immediate financial benefits to an enterprise.

    Extended Enterprise Management: Product Overview
    The uncertainty of today's complex supply chains translates into excess inventory, labor and transportation costs as businesses seek to protect themselves from the risks created by their trading partners. Manhattan's Extended Enterprise Management provides the overarching visibility and event management capabilities required to align trading partners up and down the supply chain, while ensuring you have the ability to execute the movement of goods in an optimal manner. This closed loop approach to managing the supply chain ecosystem helps to integrate and align the holistic supply chain while completing the execution cycle, all within a single solution.

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