George Gan is an entrepreneur and was a pioneer in the IT industry in Malaysia. After his graduation from City University in London and having worked for a number of years there, George started his first IT company in Malaysia called Hitechniaga, a system integrator. It grew from an initial 3 staff start-up to a 300 employees group with a revenue of US$40M. During that period, George was a Board Member of Boca Research, a company listed on Nasdaq, an advisory Board member to the MasterCard International ecommerce Board and a council member of PIKOM.

In 1999, George founded and lead a consortium called Commerce Dot Com to successfully secured the Malaysian Government eProcurement project, one of the 4 MSC flagship projects, valued in excess of RM200M.

Currently, George is with Clapper Technology as the founder and director, a supply chain solution company. George is also the Global Board Member of the Entrepreneur Organization ( EO), a nonprofit organization for entrepreneurs with 8000 members globally.


    Evolution of Mobile Computing Clapper Technology continue to bring in cutting edge scanning technology
    - Press Release, by Bridget Kwan ( Tuesday, May 8, 2007)

    Clapper Technology Supply Chain Intelligence Clapper Technology continue to increase presence in supply chain technologies
    - Press Release, by Bridget Kwan (Tuesday, Jan 24 2006)

    Solution To Manage Sales Activities
    - News Straits Times, by Fauziah Muthar (Monday, 30 May 2005)

    Clapper to boost SCM offerings
    - CompuTimes, by Foo Eu Jin (Thursday, March 31, 2005)

    RFID supplier Intermec comes to Malaysia
    - In.Tech, by H. Amir Khalid (Tuesday, March 22 2005)

    Clapper aims to increase SCM contracts
    - CompuTimes, by Foo Eu Jin (Monday, March 7 2005)

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